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There are many tourist places to visit in Mahoba district. Mahoba is 56 Kilometers from Khajuraho-Madhya Pradesh.

Khakra Math
Heritage points of Mahoba
Category Historic, Religious

Heritage points of Mahoba

A Photo of Jain Tirthankars Mahoba
Jain Tirthankars

Jain Tirthankars .A Worship place of Jain sects. Located on a mountain behaind Bari Chandika temple at Mahoba .

Photo of Bari Chandika Ji Devi Temple at Mahoba
Devi Bari Chandika Ji Temple

Chandika Devi is also known as Chandi Devi. It is quite revered as the goddess of women power. It is…

Shiv Tandav Temple Mahoba
Shiv Tandav Temple of Mahoba
Category Religious

Shiv Tandav Temple Mahoba.A rare statue of block granite stone in the dancing pose of Lord Shiva.Located near Collectorate Mahoba